We can all agree that the Canyon Springs grade can be a mess when it comes to traffic. As Twin Falls grows in population the grade has become busier with golfers, kayakers, zip liners and pedestrians that use the canyon as part of their workout.

The City of Twin Falls reported that an average of 1,340 vehicles use the grade everyday. Because of the issues the grade is facing the Twin Falls City Council approved of  nine members to the Canyon Springs Grade Project Advisory Committee.

As part of a long-term solution, the City has identified five objectives that include the following:

- Reconstruct the existing canyon springs roadway and improve drainage
- Provide enhanced safety for pedestrians and cyclists
- Consider improved slope stability by the city and adjacent property owners
- Evaluate parking
- Provide continued access to destinations in the Snake River Canyon with appropriate widths for truck movements

The committee will meet regularly with a facilitator to conduct the following:

- Develop design concepts regarding the roadway and associated pedestrian and cyclist access
- Review data regarding the design and construction improvements
- Recommend funding options
- Take public comment
- Review alternatives
- Make presentations to the community
- Make recommendations to the Twin Falls City Council

If you want specific information regarding the canyon springs grade, all meetings will be made available to the public. Any final decisions on the Canyon Springs Grade, with respect to design, funding, construction and timing, will be presented to the Twin Falls City Council in open public meetings.

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