Memorial Day is four weeks away. Rather than stress over the costs of travel as gas prices continue to soar to record highs, the solution I've come up with is to just lug my kayak around the lower Gem State and make the warmer months of this year one long, southern Idaho staycation.

The average cost of a gallon of gasoline in Idaho right now is somewhere around $4.30. It cost me over $130 to fill my tank last week at a Twin Falls fuel station. The price tag for travel this summer is going to resemble a Mike Tyson-caliber punch to the wallet.

A family tradition of ours is to head to southern California at least once during the summer months to say hey to Mickey Mouse and catch a baseball game. This year, Disneyland and the Dodgers can, and will, wait.

The truth is, I'm sort of looking forward to putting off planned lengthy trips until next year. Central and southern Idaho are every bit as beautiful as most U.S. destinations I've laid eyes upon. My wife and I are big fans of kayaking, and Stanley Lake happens to be one of our favorite Gem State trips to take.

South Idaho kayaking; Greg Jannetta

I can relate to those who don't exactly make a killing salary-wise. Money isn't everything to me, and I've reached a point in my life where high-stress jobs can gladly go to the next guy/girl in line. If you're strapped for cash, just remember that between Twin Falls and Stanley Lake are a number of low-cost adventures that await, and each one makes for a great staycation.

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