You can measure the impact of inflation by looking at the sales of pizza.  Idahoans and Americans still love the pie but are looking for cheaper alternatives.  Check out this video from the Fox Business Network.  The host of Varney and Company has a guest who breaks it down.  If you don’t have time to watch, here’s a synopsis.  When times are good, people buy DiGiorno.  I prefer the rising crust over the thick crust!  The price for the rising crust is up a couple of bucks over the last year.  People are looking for alternatives.  The Kroger store brand is quite good and I often find I don’t need to cook it quite as long.

You Can Dress up Your Pizza at Home

Regardless of the brand, I pick up, I usually do some extra decorating before putting the pizza in the oven.  I sprinkle some Kroger wing sauce and add olives and onions if I already have some at home.

We’ve all been looking at alternatives when shopping. I even pick up discount meat, which I freeze or cook and then freeze.  I can eat day-old bread.  Living alone, I rarely buy a fresh loaf because most of the bread will be leftover for a few days anyway.

When Can I afford Good Pizza Again?

We’re all banking there’s an end soon to rising prices, however.  I have an impression following Election Day.  A lot of Americans must be o.k. with higher prices and shortages.  For comparison, in 1978, the electorate approved the status quo as inflation was raging across the land.  Two years later, the dam finally broke, bringing about a new era under Ronald Reagan.  It gave us 40 years of affordable groceries.  Now a new generation is learning that choices matter at the ballot box.

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