I still decorate my house with real hanging lights but I have to admit that the laser light shows seem like a much easier way to decorate. 

But is it better?

Are Laser Light Shows Better Than Christmas Lights

I do like the additional flair projector lights can add to a traditional Christmas light display but not when laser lights are the only decoration. I definitely see it as great for on trees since wrapping trees in lights is a joke to set up and take down. Just shine one of these laser shows on the trees and you are done. Or, this year I used mine inside the tree near the top to shine down through all the branches and it looks awesome.

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I do have a problem with the commercial video above where they play like you can set up one of these in your house or at a party and you won't blind all your guests. Yeah right. My coworker has one shining on his house and learned quickly that you can't aim it at your front windows.

Is There Such A Thing As Lazy Decorating

Do you think the laser light shows are lazy or a smart addition to Christmas decorating? To be honest, and despite what I've already written, I'd rather a house do something over nothing. If you only shoot lights at your house, I appreciate your effort.

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