"Rules" of the Road

Like a lot of people, we knew a thing or two about the rules of the road long before our first day of driver's ed. Most of what we learned we picked up from pop culture and the people who raised us. 

Dad modeled the art of parallel parking and a variety of colorful expletives to shout at horrible drivers. Nanna schooled us on co-pilot responsibilities like lighting the driver's Marlboro 100s and dumping the ashtray out between stops. 

And Mom taught us these gems: her shoe could travel at the speed of light in a '91 Suburban on family road trips; seat belts are optional on country roads; and turning on the interior light at night was dangerous and would get us a ticket. 

Night Light Safety Concerns

As we near 40, we still won't challenge her on the shoe thing. However, we do need to address the interior light issue. In the majority of states, it's perfectly legal to drive with the interior lights on. Nevertheless, a lot of folks agree with Mom's safety concern. 

According to PolicyGenius, driving with your interior lights on can hinder your visibility of the road. Glare obstructing the driver's view or drivers in oncoming traffic is another concern. It's especially problematic in areas with low ambient lighting, such as rural roads or poorly lit urban areas. 

People Who Favor Interior Lights at Night

Supporters claim illuminating the car's interior actually helps drivers see the controls and other important features inside the vehicle. This is particularly beneficial for drivers in rentals or people with poor eyesight. Additionally, interior lights make it easier to find and see things like maps or personal belongings without having to rely on external street lighting.

So, while interior car light regulations can vary from one state to another, it's perfectly legal to use yours in Idaho as long as it doesn't compromise your ability to drive safely. It's 

Now that we've busted the myth on the interior car light, let's tackle driving barefoot! It is legal? Illegal? This is one we hear a lot about in Idaho. How about you?

Scroll on for a look at the Gem State's position on cruisin' shoeless!

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Scroll on for a quick peek at Idaho's stance on the issue!

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