Tipping fees are a few dollars.  That’s too much for some people.  The dumpster outside our radio stations is becoming a popular way to avoid paying the solid waste authority.  The bed caught us by surprise this week.  Some coworkers sleep through their jobs, but none are this comfortable during the day.  I keep an air mattress in a box in a studio, just in case I need to overnight here during a disaster.  I haven’t needed to ever take it out of the box.

Over the weekend, I saw a pickup truck at a dumpster on the grounds of the baseball diamonds next door.  I suspect this is becoming more common.  Our dumpster isn’t visible from the street, but that doesn’t mean people don’t know it’s here.

One early morning I was in the kitchen when a car entered our parking lot.  The occupants saw me at the window and quickly departed.  We also had an igloo dog house vanish from our storage barn, and someone walked off with some expensive extension cords.  But abandoned stained mattresses are a new thing.

Someone told me we needed cameras.  We have multiple surveillance units, but how many of you have time at your jobs to watch 48 hours of weekend pictures?  I have a better idea.  Why don’t we raise better kids and demand more from adults?

We’re always going to have criminal and slovenly people.  We always have.  It just looks like we’ve got a lot more of them than we used to.

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