The popping of corn kernels has been a tradition and staple in Native American culture since as early as 4700 BCE. After years of careful and extensive study, there is no excuse for not preparing this snack to perfection.

Tips to Prepare the Best Popcorn Begins with the Stove

Stovetop popcorn
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While a hot air popper may offer some ease and a cleaner kitchen, the best popcorn prepared at home must involve a stovetop.

  • Soak kernels in water for 10 minutes, drain, then pop to larger and fluffier results.
  • A pot with a thick bottom and heat that isn’t too high is important.
  • Throwing in a couple of kernels as the oil heats will help judge when to throw in the full batch. When the 2 have popped, throw in the rest.
  • Tip the lid slightly to allow steam to escape and maintain crispness.
  • When overflow occurs, take off the lid and tip slightly to allow popcorn to fall into a bowl. Then return the lid and continue cooking until the rest of the kernels are done popping.
  • Salt lightly. More can be added, but it can’t be taken off.

Making Movie Theater Buttered Popcorn at Home

movie theater buttered popcorn
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Trying to make buttered popcorn just like the movie theater does is impossible. Melting butter and throwing it on top of your best stovetop-cooked popcorn will result in a sad, soggy mess. Clarify the butter to prevent popcorn disappointment. Melt 2 sticks of butter in a measuring cup in the microwave. 3 layers will appear as the butter cools. Skim off the top layer of foam, the clarified butter can be poured into another container, and the bottom layer should be discarded as well. 3 tablespoons of clarified butter is plenty for 10 cups of popcorn.

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