I would still argue things are worse in Utah.  A website called excellenttown.com has rated all 50 states, labeling each state for what it's worst at.  Idaho got fingered for its driving habits.  When I first read the story, I was almost triggered, but then I’m not a liberal.

The more I thought about the rating, it started making sense.  One day last week I was driving home from work and had three close calls.  In 15 minutes!  One motorist in a light pickup truck pulled out of a parking lot on the right and onto Blue Lakes Boulevard going north.  The truck almost hit me as it veered across three lanes and turned left on Falls Avenue.  I slammed on my brakes.  I noticed as the truck rounded the corner that one front fender didn’t match the rest of the paint.  I guess you could say that the driver has already been involved in previous accidents.

As harrowing as the Intestate is, I find most of the worst driving takes place right around town.  One of the worst areas is northbound on Eastland Drive.  At the Pole Line turn the right lanes narrow to one, and that’s where the speed demons race up on the right and then quickly merge.  So that they can be right beside you at the next light.  This is a daily occurrence.  Do you suppose any of these demons ever have any remorse, or is there some sociopathic sensation that they’ve won some sort of race?

They can’t all have moved here from Utah.  People are nice there.

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