California SB 1160 will require annual registration of firearms

In an effort to ‘remind all citizens of the civic responsibility that comes with owning a firearm’, a California Senator has introduced legislation (SB 1160) that will require annual registration of firearms in California

How will the registration work?

The logistics have yet to be determined, but think of it like you do your car registration every year. You’ll have to report what and how many firearms are in your position every year, regardless of whether the number of guns you own has changed. The bill would require every firearm you possess in the state to be registered annually regardless of how long you’ve owned it. This would include guns you've purchased or firearms you've inherited.

Bro Takes Photos - Unsplash
Bro Takes Photos - Unsplash

The more guns you own, the more it will cost you

Much like a car, the more you own the more it’s going to cost you on an annual basis. Since every firearm you own would need to be accounted for annually, the fees (which will be determined by and subject to change at the department’s discretion) will be compounded by the number of guns in your possession. The more firearms you own, the more money you’ll have to pay.

Andrek Langfield - Unsplash
Andrek Langfield - Unsplash

Exemptions to the proposed bill

There are some exceptions to the legislation worth noting. A gun that is legally classified as an antique would not be subject to yearly registration. Firearms that are owned by a department or state agency are also exempt. In other words, a police officer who carries a firearm would not have to register a firearm that is owned by the agency they work for. Nor would military personnel be responsible for firearms owned by the military that they carry in the line of duty. 

Where the money goes

The funds generated by the registration process would go back into the infrastructure of running and enforcing the program. 

Penalties for not properly registering your firearms

If it passes, the legislation would make gun registration mandatory and if you didn't, you would be subject to a fine of up to $1,000. 

Logan Weaver - Unsplash
Logan Weaver - Unsplash

Why propose the legislation in the first place?

According to Senator Anthony Portantino, who has a history of supporting the expansion of gun laws in the state:

“SB 1160 will give the state better data and help us understand how many firearms are in private hands and who owns them,… ”This important step toward registration will also increase accountability and responsible gun ownership as we collectively endeavor to increase public safety.” - You can read more of the Senator’s comments here.

Stay informed and do your own research

You can read SB 1160 in its entirety here

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