My Idaho neighbors tell me it's Utah.  They hate Californians for other reasons.

Two issues got me thinking about this.  I have two new households in the neighborhood.  A couple from North Carolina and a guy from northern California.  He drives a pickup truck and is used to managing some mountainous and snowy roads.  I haven’t seen the Carolinians driving.  On the Interstate, I fear anyone with plates that read Utah, Oregon, or Alberta.  The first two aren’t all terrible, just the women I observe, or the guys who look like their wives wear the pants.

A caller to my radio show told me today that a woman would make a poor president.  “They think with their hearts and not with their brains,” he explained.  A woman texted me and said he’s overlooking some legendary leadership in Great Britain and Israel.  We should note, however, that Margaret Thatcher had a driver and it was a guy behind the wheel.

Due to my line of work, I speak to a lot of people in law enforcement.  They tell me that 90 percent of the tickets they write for illegal cellphone use go to women!  While some 22-year-old men with jacked-up wheels may be inconsiderate, far more serious accidents are now the result of phone use.

As I said in a post a couple of years ago, I don’t believe we can convince women to put them down.  I was 14 before I realized my mom wasn’t born with a telephone attached to an ear.

So the question isn’t where are the worst drivers from, it’s about gender.  I suppose the only reason we still hand them the keys is because we fellows don’t want to always drive them to the store when they need a new mop.

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