Dan Bongino came across an old video from a Caldwell, Idaho school board meeting.  This week he posted it to Truth Social.  It features a conservative State Senator being shut down by arrogant board members as he addressed plans for shared school toilets.

If you recall this video from last year, it annoyed leftist mainstream media across the state.  After all, most newspaper editors don’t know if they’re a guy or a gal.  They support confusion and basket weaving over learning something marketable for your kid’s future.

You realize none of this was ever an issue until Californians, Oregonians, and Seattleites began settling here.  While the majority appear to be conservative Republicans, there are still some leftist kooks among them.  They get elected to school board seats because of the low public interest and low voter participation.  The candidates are very good at driving turnout among fellow travelers.

National mainstream media likes to portray Idaho as the Fourth Reich.  Conservative national media always appears surprised our state has its share of liberal fruitcakes.

Most of the transgender confusion among the young is centered in California.  Even Bill Maher has noted it’s not as serious an epidemic in normal parts of the country.

Bad enough we’re dealing with the importation of fentanyl and other crime from the illegal aliens welcomed by our neighboring blue states.  Now the granola gobblers from the Left Coast are spreading their cultural viruses after fouling their nests.

Liberals rail against colonialism, but isn’t that what they’re doing as they trample our God-fearing culture?

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