Phones have become such a prominent fixture in our lives, we have developed new medical terms as a result. The uptick in troubles with Text Neck Syndrome is a legitimate concern in this new era. Another troublesome effect is Texter’s Thumb as a result of the way users consistently type messages. There have been instances of distracted walking while texting getting users into accidents.

Smartphone users continue along the path to relationship self-destruction. Kids at a sleepover no longer keep adults awake with laughter and giggling into the late night. They are on separate devices in the same room, not talking to each other. Couples spend more time sitting next to each other without interacting than talking with each other.

Will Idaho Daters be too Distracted to Notice They are on a Date at All?

Now, even getting into a relationship is in jeopardy. A recent survey found that distracted dating has become yet another concern for the future of the human race. Will distracted dating lead to distracted mating?

Credit The Matchmaking Company
Credit The Matchmaking Company

If an actual conversation is desired, Maryland is in the future of desirable dating locals. Idaho ranks 2nd for persons least likely to phone offend during a date. Be proud, Idaho can carry on a conversation while making eye contact better than most of the country.

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Is this going to be another reason for divorce in the United States? If couples never truly connect, won’t it be easier to disconnect? Will children even happen if people don’t look up from their phones long enough to see what is directly in front of them? Put down the phone and save the future.

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