There are certain foods that many pass by every time they go to the grocery store and never buy. Odds are you will pass these foods over a thousand times or more in your lifetime and never buy them. Maybe you get a whim one day to take a chance and buy something new, but it goes home, sits in the pantry or the fridge, and eventually ends up in the trash. So many people get lost in routine and what they know, that perhaps they are missing out on something they don't know they would like, simply because they haven't tried it. The people of Idaho could be missing out, and need to branch out and take a chance on some new foods that they have never bought or never tried before.

Trying New Foods In Idaho

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If you are new to Idaho, a few things are common here that maybe you have never tried before. Fry sauce, finger steaks, and Idaho Spuds are all food items that need to be tried at least once. They might not be your cup of tea, but it is best to know by trial and error rather than by just assuming. Outside of those, there are other items that perhaps you are missing out on. With Idaho being a landlocked state, perhaps you have never adventured more into seafood, because you are unfamiliar with it. Perhaps you stick to certain types of meat like elk, deer, and beef, but aren't as familiar with others. There are plenty of food options on the shelves that you could be missing out on. As pictured above, spam is not a food item that is looked on fondly, but have you ever tried it? 

Eating Animal Food in Idaho

Most Idahoans own animals of sort and part of being a farmer or pet owner is feeding these animals. Some are on specific diets and some are allowed to eat anything. In the process of feeding these animals, it has likely crossed your mind a time or two, 'I wonder what their food tastes like.' While most will think it, few will act on it. The smells can be overbearing, the thought of the taste can be disgusting, and the fear of throwing up after can be too much for some to stomach. There are those select few who will take the plunge and eat it from time to time, and recently I gave in and tried the food we feed the cat at the radio station. I can tell you after eating it, that if it was the only food I could afford or if there was an apocalypse, I could live off of canned cat food. Barring those situations, it is highly unlikely that I will ever eat it again though. It is not bad, but it is bland and mostly tasteless.

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While I would not recommend eating cat food, there are worse foods on the shelves in Idaho. There are plenty of food items that you are possibly missing out on though too. The next time you are at the grocery store, find an item you have wanted to try and talked yourself out of, or perhaps go with something entirely new and see if you discover something good. Watch the video above to see how eating the cat food went.

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