First, restaurants across Idaho are struggling with a lack of labor.  Last week, I met a guy from Klamath Falls.  He was visiting the Magic Valley and asked what the minimum wage was.  I told him it was $7.25 but you would be hard-pressed to find anyone earning the minimum.  When I see the Help Wanted signs in the windows of chain restaurants, most are offering $14 an hour for starting pay.  It may be higher in the Treasure Valley.

Second, we’re living in an inflationary period.  Restaurants also pay more for beef, just as we do when we’re grocery shopping.

A video recorded by an Idaho man several months ago went viral last week.  His complaint was even reported by British newspapers!  He was saddened by the price of a Happy Meal.  The man said it cost him $16 for the meal.

The thing is, I don’t believe the cost is standard.  I had lunch at a McDonald’s in late October and what I paid for a Quarter Pounder, fries and Dr Pepper was considerably less.

I should also point out that one day last week I had a rare burger and fries at a locally owned restaurant.  With coffee.  I didn’t get out the door for under 20 bucks.  Was it better?  I thought so, but that’s not the point of this story.  Prices are up everywhere unless you’re buying inferior goods.  At the locally owned restaurant, a fellow told me they buy the best chicken and beef they can find, whereas, at a chain restaurant that sells chicken wings, the wing is mostly bone and you’re paying for the sauce.

Just remember, the 12-hundred dollar check you got during the so-called pandemic (which most of you spent) caused the current inflation.

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