I noticed a decline in my hate mail.  Fewer poison pen messages when I call out virtue-signaling granola eaters for driving electric cars.  Is it possible they didn’t realize child slave labor in Africa was making their preening possible?  Or that we can’t possibly produce alternative energy without killing off nine-tenths of humanity?  Right now, most people around the world still struggle to feed themselves.  They aren’t giving that up to drive EVs in what we used to call the Third World.  The wokies say Third World is racist and suggest undeveloped nations as a euphemism, which implies their cultures are inferior and could be construed as racist.  Just saying!

I came across a pair of videos while I was on vacation.  Analyst Peter Zeihan explains the whole drive to alternative energy remains a fantasy.  He’s not alone.  The second video is from Kite and Key Media.  In both cases, these people use something called facts to make their points.

The liberals will tell you if we don’t make the transition we could die.  Could is the operative word.  A couple of weeks ago, I pointed out we know with certainty that people will die with their approach.

People in the Third World often have little more than a goat or cow as a personal possession.  In times of trouble, they will often cut the animal and suck blood as a means of staying alive.  If the trouble doesn’t end, the animal eventually dies.  Then the family dies.  Why do they do it?  Because the option is dying earlier.  Each day you can survive is another day of hope for deliverance.

Wealthy and comfortable American liberals don’t understand reality.

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