When someone visits Idaho that has never been before, it isn't uncommon to hear them mention how friendly the people are. While Idaho isn't in the South or the 'Bible Belt' it does have a familiar feel to anyone who is from the area. Southern hospitality is known all over the country for being some of the most genuine and sincere people in the country, but Idaho seems to not be far off from those same characteristics. While most people find Idahoans to be genuine, are they really, or is it a fake generosity?

Are People in Idaho Genuine?

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It isn't uncommon to run into friendly people around the Magic Valley or the entire state, but is it an act or are Idahoans always that nice? Like many things, it comes down to the individual, but there is a little bit of fake hospitality that exists. Take for example when somebody says, 'Let's get lunch later this week' or perhaps you've heard, 'I'll call you soon,' but neither ever happens. It isn't that these people are being rude or purposely ignoring you, but instead, it is a part of the culture. It is like many Idahoans to make other feels welcome, and because of that, they may say things like the above statements without seeing them through. In today's society, where nearly everything is taken literally, it can be seen as dissentious, even though that isn't the Idahoan way. 

Southern Hospitality in Idaho

Credit: Rosanna-Parvez
Credit: Rosanna-Parvez

While Southern hospitality doesn't truly exist in Idaho, it is pretty darn close. It isn't uncommon to hear people mention praying for someone, being invited to a person's church, or even being invited over for dinner. If you have only lived in states that do these things, you may not be aware that this is not common around the rest of the country. While there are individuals who might find the religious talk or mention of praying offensive, most from the area embrace it. These unique qualities are some of the many reasons that people are flocking to Idaho over the years. The cost of living and job opportunities are nice, but the people make it more appealing than all of that. 

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Are the people of Idaho the nicest in the country? You'd have to visit every state and judge for yourself, but one thing is for sure the generosity, the kindness, and the people that are welcoming are mostly genuine in the Gem State. It is nice to know that there are still places that know what it means to welcome those with open arms, but for those who prefer to keep others away, you might want to be less nice.

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