I told her she was a commie.  “I’m a socialist,” was her response.  As if there’s much of a difference.  The left is splitting hairs on this argument because commie markets poorly.  It’s like saying I’m a little bit pregnant!

This took place at a grocery store in Twin Falls.  Where she was collecting signatures on a petition being passed by Reclaim Idaho.  The organization wants ranked choice voting in Idaho.  If you can’t win by the current rules, try and change the rules.  This is the same organization that claims to be funded by donated pennies from hotel maids (most of whom likely never vote).

I’m under the impression the left will mislead the public in order to get signatures.  When you’re godless, you don’t believe in judgment, and you work for a goal by any means necessary.  Call what’s going on leftist dhimmitude.

The woman didn’t know me, but I told her I would be speaking at length about the subject with State Representative Lance Clow.  He’s scheduled to be a guest on my program next week.  She told me the Representative was only opposed because he fears ranked choice creates confusion.  That’s a lie!  Directly or one of omission.  He may have said that, but it was at the tail end of a much longer exposition on the faults of the idea.

By the way.  Conservatives shop at the same store.  In this day and age, you have some shops that won’t allow a Salvation Army kettle by the door because someone could be offended.  But self-proclaimed lying socialists are fine.  How is that for business?

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