The scientists say there’s nothing to fear.  Aren’t they the same guys who couldn’t figure out the origins of COVID?  The ground beneath Mount St. Helens is shaking.

Fox News says there have been 400 earthquakes reported over 90 days.  I don’t know about you, but to me, several hundred quakes would make me think twice on a camping trip to the mountain.  The same for fishing, hunting, or hiking in the area.  Maybe the number is common.  We’re told all the recent earthquake activity beneath Yellowstone Park is unusual, but not to worry. If that one goes off, we can all put our heads between our legs and kiss our butts goodbye.  About 200 million Americans will be in the same stretching exercise.

Mount St. Helens is different.  It would likely just spew ash and leave us in darkness for three days.  Moscow and Lewiston would be shoveling out for a few days.

However, temperatures would likely get colder.  I graduated high school a few weeks after the last blast.  2,500 miles east of the volcano.  I spent the summer living in a trailer on a homebuilding site.  It was the coldest summer I can remember.

The other day I read that El Nino will give us a drier winter, but an eruption would make things colder.  Maybe a big explosion would balance the impact of the currents in the Pacific Ocean.  I’m not sure we know what the conditions would be over months.  After all, predicting weather is as difficult as tracking down the origin of a virus!

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