When it comes to traveling, certain places are must-sees and everyone knows about them. When you go to New York, everyone wants to see the Statue of Liberty or The Empire State Building. You aren't going to go to Paris, and not see the Eiffel Tower. If you have been to Los Angeles, you likely drove by and saw the Hollywood sign. These are just some examples of places and things everyone must see when traveling to these destinations. If any of them shut down, many would be devastated that they didn't get to see them and experience them. There are also certain hotels with history around the world that many look forward to staying out, and one iconic hotel near Idaho is closing its doors this year for good. 

Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas Closing Permanently

Credit: Justin Wang on Unsplash
Credit: Justin Wang on Unsplash

The historic Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas has announced that it will be closing this summer permanently. The hotel has been in Las Vegas for 34 years and is best known for the volcano out front, and also being home to the long-standing show Siegfried and Roy. The hotel will close on July 17, giving visitors some time to have one final stay this summer. If you have never stayed at the Mirage, it has a beautiful pool with waterfalls, is centrally located on the strip, and is also home to Cirque du Soleil with Beatles music. 

What is Happening to The Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas?

Credit: Tobias Smietana on Unsplash
Credit: Tobias Smietana on Unsplash

Once the hotel is shut down, it will be rebranded and open again in 2027 as Hard Rock Las Vegas. Hard Rock will pay all employees at the Mirage a severance package that is an estimated $80 million going out to help them. Hard Rock will look to offer entertainment, innovation, and world-class hospitality. No word has been given on what the hotel will keep, if anything, from the Mirage. 

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If you are someone that enjoys staying at the iconic hotel, or perhaps never have stayed there but want to, there is still time this summer. Book a trip today and enjoy the Mirage one more time before it is gone. For more details on the closure, make sure to click the link above. 

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