I don’t know about you, but I could eat chili practically every day.  I don’t believe I would get bored, because it’s a dish with infinite variety.  There’s a chili cook-off to support St. Edward School in Twin Falls on January 27th.  Chili is especially appreciated on cold winter days.  The Knights of Columbus, Council 1416 is involved in recruiting teams to participate.  The variety is the spice of life!

If you can assemble a team and benefit the school, telephone Thomas Leija at 208-490-3223 for details.

We’re hearing a lot of chatter from the state legislature about a potential tax credit for parents who would like their kids to opt out of the public school system.  This could be a boost for alternatives in our community, including St. Edward.  The school has been an alternative for generations.  Even many parents who aren’t Roman Catholic have chosen St. Edward because of the discipline and rigorous demands made on students.

It’s also located in a solid but older building.  Fundraising is key for maintenance, staffing, and keeping the doors open.

The registration fee for the cook-off is 20 dollars.  The event occurs in the neighboring parish hall, which has a fully stocked kitchen, dining room, and parking.  Admission is a donation at the door.  All the details can be found on the school’s web page.

A Lutheran friend taught at a Catholic school.  When I asked if he was conflicted, he replied that he was fine when he saw a cross above the door.

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