Much of Idaho will experience sub-zero temperatures in the third week of January.  The Northern Plains will be even colder.  None of this is a surprise.  It’s winter.  While cold, snow, and ice are an annoyance on a scale that also includes sometimes deadly, it’s a fact of life where we live.  I wouldn’t say I like driving in these conditions.  My preference is driving our lovely landscape in July, but we need the moisture to sustain agriculture and an economy.

A New Religion Takes Hold

I don’t believe I ever heard about global warming (we later re-branded it as climate change) until I was well into adulthood.  It was a religion that spread faster than fire in a pool of gasoline.  I guess it filled a vacuum in a post-Christian West.  `

Now we’ve got powerful governments attempting to impose the new state religion.  The thing is, what are the consequences if they’re wrong?  If we eliminate the dams on the lower Snake River, will our electricity costs grow exponentially?  Will people freeze in their homes when we have a cold snap?  Will we hasten economic collapse and bankruptcy?

What if They're Wrong

If the elites are wrong and two billion people die worldwide, can we expect an apology?

Now comes a man who claims to have evidence the movement to de-carbonize is a lie, and the people looking to dictate your future know it’s a lie.  Click this link from Tony Heller and watch the enclosed video.

Homicidal globalists are playing us.  Like an emperor at the arena, these people are choosing who’ll live and die.  If you love your fellow men, keep sounding the alarm.

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