A particular nearsighted writer who works here has twice misspelled Idaho in recent months.  Even with my Coke bottle bottom lenses, some things still evade sight editing.  Depending on the source, the most commonly misspelled word in the state is Idaho.  Another claims it’s the word place, as in Iderhoe is a palce in the Northwoost.

I’m embarrassed to say I worked for a great boss for five years in the late 1980s and early 1990s.  Or not embarrassed by him but by my lack of interest in his name.  He became one of the best-known radio executives in America.  I used to email the guy and about 15 years ago he asked me to send him a demo.  I addressed it to Tom Langmeyer.  Except that his Swiss-German name is Langmyer.  I should’ve figured that out since I had a friend with the last name of Birchmyer.  I always wanted to tell my old employr I had a good edumacation and had gratitated college.

Times have changed for me.  We now have artificial intelligence and in many ways, it’s a lot brighter than a guy who gets paid to talk for a living.

The same old boss put up a post online a few weeks ago, detailing how AI can generate phony TV anchors, reading news written by machines.  Max Headroom or a doctor on Voyager come to mind.  It’s only a matter of time before long-dead actors and announcers return.  Then I’ll be shelling shues.

Imagine yours truly ever getting a broadcast gig.  Like our President, I’m a stutterer.  If you know all the right people, I guess, but how long before a Lincoln hologram is running the country?  It couldn’t do any worse.

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