It use to be that to communicate with people you had to have a verbal conversation in person or on the phone, but nowadays you can be sitting next to someone and have an entire conversation without anyone saying a word. Texting is the preference for communication these days, and even that is changing. Nowadays, people can have a full conversation without using a word, and just by sending emojis. For the better or for the worse is up for debate, but communication is evolving all the time, and Idaho seems to be falling behind when it comes to texting and the lingo that goes with it.

Idaho is the Worst State for Texting

Credit: WordTips
Credit: WordTips

When it comes to texting, there is a certain lingo that most people use these days. Rarely, does anyone type out a sentence of whole words, and abbreviations are the way to go. While it is rare for someone to know all of them, many are common and universally known. According to a recent study by WordTips, Idaho uses texting abbreviations less than any state in the entire country, with Georgia using the most. To see the full list broken down, click the link above. 

What Text Speak is Used the Most in Idaho?


When it comes to using text speak, the most commonly used abbreviation in America is 'LOL.' Ironically, this is the most used one in the state of Idaho as well and it isn't even close. There are many abbreviations and it is almost impossible to know them all, but if you want to see them, take a minute to scroll through the picture above and see if there are some you are unaware of, or turn it into a game and see how many you know. 

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Instead of viewing it as Idaho might be behind in the times, perhaps the residents of the Gem State have it right. Instead of using abbreviations and text talk, we know how to still have proper conversations, even through text. Instead of Idaho being wrong, perhaps other states need to follow suit and learn to take the time to use proper grammar. However you decide to look at it, good or bad, the abbreviations will keep on coming, it's just if Idaho decides to use them or not. 

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