With June coming to an end and July beginning, we are entering peak road-tripping season. Road trips are a great way to see the country, save money compared to flying, and create family memories. Many of us have fond memories of road trips as a kid and look forward to creating those memories with our children. When it comes to driving across the country, which state is the best to road trip through, which is the worst, and how does Idaho compare?

The Best and Worst States to Road Trip Through

Credit: Niccolo? Simoncini
Credit: Niccolo? Simoncini

When it comes to taking road trips there are certain states and drives many of us have on our bucket list, but which state is truly the best? WalletHub recently released a list of the best states to road trip through and used a few categories to do so, such as costs, safety, and activities. Using these criteria, it was determined that Texas is the best state to travel through, with New York being second, and North Carolina rounding out the top three. The worst state to take a road trip in is Rhode Island, with Delaware being the second worst, and Connecticut rounding out the bottom three. 

Is Idaho a Good State to Road Trip Through?

Credit: averie woodard on Unsplash
Credit: averie woodard on Unsplash

Idaho may not be the best state to road trip through, according to the list, but it does have a strong case as the Gem State ranks at 5 on the list. Idaho is 23 in costs, 20 in activities, and 6 in safety. Also working for Idaho, it has the fourth lowest car theft per capita. When road-tripping, leaving a car loaded full of your things overnight or when doing an activity can be a concern, so this makes going through Idaho a little more comforting. 

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An argument can be made for Idaho to jump ahead of all four states above it. New York is expensive, parts of Texas are boring and awful to drive through, and Idaho is prettier than Ohio. North Carolina is where the debate would be the toughest, but drive through northern Idaho, and tell me it isn't one of the prettiest areas in the country. To see the full list, make sure to click the link above, and this summer do some road-tripping through one of the best states to do so.

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