The weather is finally warming up and it is finally feeling like spring in Idaho. The question is, will it last, or is there one last hint of winter waiting around the corner? With the spring weather arriving, it means that all that comes with spring is here, and while many look forward to this time of year, it brings a lot of negative with it, and some of that dread will need to be faced this weekend and in the next few days. Don't get too excited about the nice weather finally arriving, as it is the dreadful time that many have been hoping to avoid this time of year.

The Dread of Spring is Here in Idaho

Credit: dimistangl
Credit: dimistangl

While some may enjoy getting out of the house and being outdoors, the freedom of being able to enjoy weekends is now a thing of the past. Look out at your yard, and you will notice that it is now time to pull out the mower and start getting to work. Weeds have begun to grow, the grass is getting long, and it is time to start doing yard work once again. It can be fun in the beginning, and relaxing for many, but for others, it is a chore and the first mow is often not as enjoyable once in full swing in the summer. Pulling weeds is never fun, and this is only the beginning of weeds being pulled. While mowing and weeds are a chore, they are not the only dread that the spring weather is bringing. 

The Negative of Spring Returning in Idaho

Credit: James Wainscoat on Unsplash
Credit: James Wainscoat on Unsplash

While yard work is one of the negatives to the nice weather, it isn't the only thing to frown upon this time of year. If the weeds are back and the grass is getting longer, it means that bugs are back as well. As tempting as it is to open windows and doors and save on energy in the home, make sure to have a screen to avoid getting these annoying creatures in the home. Wasps nests are already beginning to appear outside of home, flies are beginning to sneak in, and spiders are awakening from their winter slumber. The other major negative is that while the weather is getting nicer, there are still days where the cold will return, the wind will be strong, and rain will keep you inside despite being above freezing temperatures. It is a part of what comes with the season. 

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While the yardwork, the bugs, and the weather are negatives of spring, there are positives as well. It is nice to have days outside, be able to feel the sun on your skin and be able to get the gets out of the house to use their energy. Some negatives come with the season, but after the yardwork is done, the bugs are killed, and the days without rain and wind, spring truly is an enjoyable season, and it lasts for only a short time in Idaho. Before you know it, spring will be over, and summer will be here.

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