How can you say you love your dog when you roast him in a car?  I saw a dog panting in a hot car a year ago.  Outside a grocery store.  An employee was collecting shopping carts.  I called his attention to the suffering animal.

“The windows cracked,” he offered as he walked away.  Then I asked him if he would go and sit in his car with the windows cracked and the engine off.  For just a couple of minutes.  He ignored me.

Another day I saw a dog roasting as I went into the store.  Fifteen minutes later I came out and there was the suffering dog.  Finally, some old codger from Cassia County (I can read a license plate) came out of the store.  When I mentioned his animal was in distress he explained he had only been gone a few minutes.  When I explained he had been gone for more than 20 minutes by my count, he wanted to fight.

He knew what he was doing was cruel.  He didn’t like being called out.

Here are a couple of solutions.  Leave the dog at home.  Millions of people leave their dogs at home every day.  Better yet, don’t own pets if you think torturing Fido means you care.

At the top of the page is a post from the Facebook page of the Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office.  Click on it.  While I suppose some of the dog roasters will need someone to read it for them, it’s very explanatory.

I remind you, Jeffrey Dahmer started his career by harming innocent animals.

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