Idaho has plenty of open spaces. With all the open space activities comes the need for a vehicle that can do things we want to do and get to places we want to go.

Owning a vehicle can be expensive. The cost of purchase, upkeep, insurance, and fuel must be figured into a budget. But is the upkeep and other costs worth the cost of the vehicle? Balance has to be found somewhere.

What Does It Cost To Maintain a Vehicle in Idaho Vs. Other States?

With any car, there is a level of upkeep required. Is a bigger payment for a new car better than what it may cost to repair a used car that has wear and tear? Is Idaho very expensive to keep up a vehicle’s maintenance?

map of maintenance costs by state
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Idaho doesn’t seem to be the best place to keep up with maintenance costs. In fact, ranking 21st isn’t much to be proud of. Thankfully, it’s not like trying to take care of a car when you live in California or Hawaii, but it is concerning.

What Other Costs Should People Think of When Buying a Car?

On top of maintenance, what about registration costs? That’s another cost to consider when ownership of a vehicle is concerned. Idaho averages anywhere between $45-$69, but there is more to pay if you have an electric or hybrid vehicle. Not bad. Just be glad you don’t live in Oregon where registering a new car isn’t any fun. Depending on how much the car costs, the registration for the 1st year can range from $268.50-$636.50, then $122-$306 after that.

Thankfully, Idaho is 4th lowest in the nation for insurance costs. The average cost for full coverage is less than $100 per month.

Map of gas prices
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And finally, let’s get gassy. How much will it cost to fuel your people conveyance device? Idaho sits in the midrange yet again. It’s not the cheapest, but it’s not the worst. If you are one of the people who prefer to go electric, Idaho is cheaper than the national average for a charge.

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Just realize there are expenses in any vehicle ownership. Make good choices. Spend less on the car than on housing.

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