Just as it looked like we could be seeing a pause in gasoline prices, the potential threat of a wider war in the Middle East will cause another price spike.  The libs keep telling us that a President doesn’t have control over the market, especially when their guy is in the White House.  But price is subject to supply, and what has and what is Joe Biden doing to relieve the pressure?  First, he’s telling Ukraine not to strike Russian refineries.  Second, he’s telling Israel to take the abuse from the mad mullahs in Iran.

At home, he’s a contradiction.  Click here and here to read all about it.

Someone told me this week that the average gallon of regular gas in Idaho is now priced at four dollars.

In the meantime, is there anything we can do closer to home?  Idaho House Minority Leader Ilana Rubel told me Wednesday that Governor Little may be calling legislators back into session.  He’s not planning to address fuel prices, but should we consider a reduction in the state’s gas tax?  When we saw the gas tax increase almost ten years ago, was it supposed to be permanent?  Was I misled, because I thought it was a temporary way to finish some highway repairs?

If there’s no sunset provision, then maybe we need a sliding scale.  When gas soars above four bucks a gallon, the tax goes away.  But then, the government would need to revive the quaint idea of restraint when it comes to spending.

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