The people of eastern Oregon would miss the marijuana haze.  Oh, and murdering their babies would become a crime.  Some liberal cat lady wrote at the liberal Idaho Capital Sun that rural residents of Oregon would miss infanticide if the portion of the state in dispute joined Idaho.  She lives in the liberal milieu of Moscow, Idaho, where I’m sure her fellow travelers feel a need to educate their conservative inferiors.

Let’s be clear, not everyone wants a godless, amoral lifestyle.

Are the Odds Stacked Against the Movement?

While I acknowledge the usual claim that the odds of Greater Idaho are slim, the reaction from the godless left convinces me that unification is a bigger possibility than the elites acknowledge.  The tie-dye crowd of guys in ponytails in Salem and Portland know the country is polarized, and in a decade people are simply going to nullify courts and governments blocking self-determination.  Even the idiots who defunded police and legalized hard drugs are aware not everyone else wants to partake in their descent into debauchery.

Times Have Changed

The MAGA movement is a fine example of people fed up with the status quo.  It alarms the elites because it means a loss of control.  If you have neighbors and can’t stand the sight of them, then build a fence.  If the drug-addled coastal crowd wants to live without interference, then they can offer the same, and build that fence.  Or we may reach a day where people regret they didn’t pursue it as the best solution.

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