What would you do? What would you do if you were forced to choose between missing work and being at your child's sporting event, play, or musical, or missing out on that moment, to be at a work meeting and making money for your family? It is a tough reality that many parents face daily, and it can be tough to balance out time. Kids grow up so fast, and there are only so many recitals, competitions, games, and other moments in life to enjoy watching your children growing up. Missing these moments is heartbreaking, but there are times when other things come up. It is tough to make time for everyone, but when the decision has to be made to miss one of these big moments and events, what would you do? 

Missing Children's Moments in Idaho

Credit: Vitolda Klein on Unsplash
Credit: Vitolda Klein on Unsplash

Many people can't wait to have kids and be parents, but it isn't the moments of changing diapers, putting them in timeout, or taking care of them when they are sick that were dreamed about before the child arrives. It was getting to teach them and watch them dance, sing, play sports, and have those moments that every parent dreams about saying, 'That's my boy,' or 'That's my girl.' These are some of the best moments in parenting, and sadly they come and go too fast and there aren't enough of them. That is why no parent wants to miss a recital, a concert, a game, or anything else, but from time to time work or other things can throw a wrench in that plan. If you have to choose between work and your child's moment, how do you choose and who do you say sorry to? 

Work Vs Parenting in Idaho

Credit: Brian Wangenheim on Unsplash
Credit: Brian Wangenheim on Unsplash

As a parent, the easy decision is to say I can't work this day or time, because I can't miss my child's event, but many companies will not accept this excuse and will have deadlines or need something done on their terms. It can be tough because we all need income to pay our bills and to pay for our children to continue pursuing their passions. You don't want to disappoint work, and in this economy, you likely can't afford to miss out on the money, but is it worth missing out on a child's special moment? Some things are more important than money and work, and our kids are one of them, but it doesn't make the choice any easier. 

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This is a reality for too many parentsand it is tough to live with. Missing a game or two during a long season is ok, but missing all the games can be tough and our children notice. Missing a recital or concert, especially when there is only one or two in the year, would be devastating to a child. While work is important and there are times it takes priority, there is also a time it needs to be pushed away and locked behind the door so you can enjoy your kids and be there to yell 'that's my boy,' or 'that's my girl.' If you had to make this choice sometime soon, what would you do? 

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