I’m not seeing as many electric cars on Idaho roads as I did last year.  For every claim I see that says we’ll see tremendous growth, I see a qualification in the title.  Sales could boom.  You could win the lottery, too!  While my observations are anecdotal, what I see is also empirical.

A year ago, I was seeing more EVs on the streets than I had ever witnessed before, including one owned by a neighbor.  Either the neighbor moved or swapped the virtue signaling for an internal combustion engine.

One place I would expect to see electric wheels chugging along is in Boise.  The place is increasingly filled with granola-chomping, tree-hugging Democrats.  This week I spent some time driving in our capital city.  Traffic was thick.  I didn’t see one EV.  What I did see are a lot of people driving Subaru Foresters.  One of my buddies owned one when I lived in Vermont.  He always claimed it was good for moving a family safely and safely in winter.  It wasn’t electric.

It’s one thing to play the role of a Pharisee, preening and telling everyone how good you are.  It’s another thing to have limited driving mobility and a shortage of charging stations.  Or to have the cold sap your battery.

At best, EVs are a fad.

If you’ve been watching events in Europe, you’ve probably caught one that an overwhelming majority has grown tired of the loony green minority.  Politicians having their fortunes read are now doing a volte-face.

All of this was predictable.  As was the damage done.  Every generation seems to need a Carter-like nitwit in the White House to bring us back to energy sanity.

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