I had some thoughts as I observed hundreds of big rigs on the Interstate this week.  Dozens of them represented just three entities.  Amazon, FedEx, and UPS.  All moving goods to front doors.  Then there were the rigs marked with the names of big box stores, grocery chains, and any variety of trailers hauling unknown goods, cattle, and potatoes.

All this happened in the drive between Twin Falls and Boise.  This is repeated across a vast continent.

Last week there was a brief threat by some drivers to boycott New York City.  They were angry about a court judgment against President Trump.  The protest fizzled in 24 hours.

But what if America’s drivers decided to take a few days off?  Throw in the train engineers.  On the same trip, I witnessed a couple of freight trains hauling goods.  America operates on trust—the assumption all systems will continue to function.

A general strike could leave shelves bare in probably 48 hours.  We had a preview four years ago.

What if we had a war in the Pacific?  How would we get supplies to Guam and Hawaii?  Air and sea transport could be cut off for weeks, if not longer.  Or what would happen if sleep cells crossed our border and started taking out bridges, dams, and power stations?

Last week’s threat against New York City should lead to some questions and answers.  What’s your local government’s response?  What’s yours?  Man cannot survive on SPAM alone.  If disaster plans are ready, what do I need to know beyond shelter in place?

It often appears there are no answers.  We’ll simply be on our own.

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