Most Idahoans are smart enough not to try this crazy lady's TikTok trend. She has this obsession with getting dangerously close to grizzly bears. Somehow, after dozens of videos, she is still alive. But you definitely have to see these insanely close encounter videos.

Idahoans Know that Positivity Won't Protect you from Grizzly Bears

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Most of her videos share a positive message while she is doing something crazy close to a bear. While I do enjoy the sentiment behind her messages, we also know that positivity will not prevent a grizzly from trying to eat your face. That bear isn't going to let you go because it can see you have a bright aura around you. Well, maybe they do, maybe that is how she gets away with it. Pure Care Bear positive energy.

Crazy Woman Thinks Her Positivity will Protect her from a Grizzly Bear And Her Cubs

In this, can't look away, video, she gets super close to three adorable grizzly bear cubs. They are seriously super adorable. The one even looks like it is trying to say hi to her. Well, as she pans, the big mama grizzly shows up. Thank goodness nothing bad happened.

Some Of This Crazy Woman's Captions Prove She Is Goldilocks

She stated she believes that the bears know that she isn't there to hurt them. She stated that the grizzly bear would actually drop off her cubs because she knew they meant no harm and they were protecting them from boars. I mean, if that is true, that is amazing. And to truly feel that connection with these animals is wonderful. However, I do not recommend giving this a try. She is so close that she would never see it coming.

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