There are a lot of aspects to the Halloween holiday that make it so much fun to celebrate. People dressing in costumes, children trick-or-treating, displays of spooky decorations, and parties make the holiday one of the best for all ages.

Halloween Toy Event At The Twin Falls Library

This Halloween, the Twin Falls Public Library is having an event to get the maniacal and creative juices flowing in the youth of the Magic Valley. They are holding a Frankentoys event on October 22 where kids can destroy old toys and give them a new life, by combining them with parts from other old and broken toys. I imagine it will look a lot like the toys from Sid’s bedroom in Toy Story.

What Are Frankentoys

A Frankentoy is the toy version of the Frankenstein monster. You take pieces from a variety of sources and combine them into one, hopefully functioning end product. I did this in my own home a decade ago when my son broke one of his favorite Transformers. We ended up melting the arms and torso of two toy cars together to turn his favorite Transformer, Bumblebee, into what we called Skid-Mark.

Credit N8 Bird
Credit N8 Bird

Frankentoys At The Twin Falls Library

The Frankentoys event at the Twin Falls Library will be an event for kids, but adult supervision is required since they’ll be using tools for the destruction and creation. Kids should bring their own toys to dismantle and good options are old plastic dinosaurs, dolls, toy cars, and toys from fast food meals. The Frankentoys event is on October 22, 2022, from 10 AM to 2 PM at the Twin Falls Public Library.

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