Barack Obama said don’t bring a knife to a gunfight.  His minions in mainstream media thought it was clever.

Kari Lake, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Arizona told her base to strap on a Glock as Election Day approaches.  News media melted down.  If scabies took human form, it would carry a notepad and work in a newsroom.  Reporters are saying Lake is promoting violence.  Seriously?  Strap on your Glock is like saying pack your lunch.  The latter means you’ve got an all-day job ahead.  Both references are a reminder that some hard work is ahead, but the filth populating America’s newsrooms takes their marching orders from the godless left.

Lake spoke in Idaho.  Saturday evening in Idaho Falls at the Bonneville County Republican Lincoln Day Dinner.

She opened with remarks about the attempts of liberals to feminize our young boys.  She reminded the audience that we need to raise men and not confuse shrinking violets.

She reminded a sold-out ballroom that the coming November Election will determine if we maintain a strong nation and traditional culture.  The option is a decadent future, creeping government controlling every aspect of your life and the eventual collapse of the nation.  She also explained less than one-third of America’s young are showing up to vote.

Lake reminded those of us in the crowd that our open southern border is a national security threat.  I went shopping Sunday afternoon and discovered English is a second language at the grocery store.  This is a wave and an invasion.

Lake’s gun comment came Sunday in her home state.  She was home up and early after a late-night appearance in Idaho.  Her every waking moment from here to Election Day needs to be spent rousing the crowds in Arizona.

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