Idaho's history is filled with strange and disturbing crimes, and Pocatello seems to be at the center of quite a few of them.

Some of the questionable events in Idaho's history are from when Idaho first became a state, but in the 1970s through the 90s there have been a lot of child abduction and murder cases that gained national attention.

Abduction and Murder of Idaho's Jeralee Underwood Covered in Series

Idaho crime stories have links to infamous killers like Ted Bundy, Thomas Creech, Joseph Edward Duncan, and possibly the first female serial killer in Idaho Lyda Southard. There have been national shows that have covered some of the more recent cases, including the extremely disturbing story of Jan Broberg in the Netflix show ‘Abducted in Plain Sight’.

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Last night I came across another series that started a few years ago called ‘Murdered at First Sight’ and the very first episode covered an abduction and murder case from Southern Idaho.

The episode, titled ‘A Child of God’ tells the story of Jeralee Underwood who was abducted by a stranger and murdered in Southern Idaho. Underwood lived in Pocatello, which has been the location for quite a few of the most disturbing crimes in the state and was abducted while doing her paper route in June of 1993.

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You can watch the episode on YouTube or other streaming services.

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Jeralee Underwood was abducted, killed, and dismembered by James Wood who died in prison of natural causes in 2004. There is a book about Wood titled ‘Eye of the Beast’.

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