I have never seen a tornado in person, despite living in Kansas for a number of years. I have always thought of them as beautiful in pictures and videos but that they would be terrifying in real life. The recent funnel cloud that touched down in the mountains near Idaho did look awesome in the videos below but didn’t seem terrifying to those recording it.

Watch this Small Twister Touch Down Near Idaho Border

When the video first popped up on my social media I thought for sure that it was fake. But then I found another video from a different angle so I looked it up on Google, and sure enough, it was real. Though to be fair, it wasn’t as scary as a mountain tornado might sound. Check out these 2 videos of the mountain twister and then read on to see why the weather phenomenon wasn’t what it looks like.

This video is found on YouTube and you can hear the not-worried-at-all family talking about how cool and rare the sighting is.

This video was recorded near the first one and shared by DailyMail. It gives you a better idea of how the funnel changed and moved while it was active.

The caption for the first video states that the twister was in the sky for about 8 minutes, but they only posted about 20 seconds worth of video for some reason. If that were me I would have recorded and posted the entire thing. Even the second one, which cuts in and out to shorten the video, only gives us about a minute of footage.

There are sources that claim the twister wasn’t actually in the mountains, but was in front and appears to be in them due to perspective. Almost like an optical illusion. That source also calls it a ‘land spout’ rather than a tornado or twister. Another source claims the funnel cloud was indeed in the mountains and moved further into them before it dissipated.

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Whether you call it a tornado, a funnel cloud, a land spout, or God’s wrath - it still looked cool and was not very far from the Idaho border in Mission Valley near Charlo, Montana.

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