It's not uncommon to see Halloween pumpkins rotting on Twin Falls porches for many days after the celebration has ended. I've got three on the deck railing that I plan to donate to a neighbor with a small farm.

In past years, I've never really given much thought to how I rid myself of pumpkins my family carved up and stuck tee lights in for Halloween. I use to just bag them and toss them out with the garbage. This year mine will be collected by a friend and put to good use.

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Country Living has some very clever uses for your leftover Halloween pumpkins. Aside from planting its seeds to regrow them for next year and perhaps gift pumpkins to your friends and neighbors, they can benefit people in other ways. Farmers can use them for feed, and those squirrels and deer that roam your property can also feast off them. Turn those hollowed-out gourds into feeders or planters in the garden.

If you practice composting, those pumpkins can provide nutrients and benefit soil other plants will use to thrive next spring. Halloween pumpkins can also be used in recipes such as soups and purees. If you have any leftovers that didn't carved, Thanksgiving is just around the corner and a pumpkin pie is always a great addition to the feast.

We hope you all had a great Halloween in southern Idaho. Hopefully, you'll find good uses for those leftover pumpkins.

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