The true story of a California teenager whose mother and brother were murdered prior to being abducted by a family friend and taken to the remote wilderness of central Idaho is being told in a series streaming on the Paramount Network.

It's been nearly 10 years since Hannah Anderson's mother and younger brother were victims of a house fire intentionally set by a family friend named James "Jim" DiMaggio. Anderson was 16 years old at the time she was coerced into leaving California for the Frank Church Wilderness area of Idaho, which encompasses more than 2 million acres of rugged backcountry.

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Anderson had no prior knowledge of the deaths of her mother and brother before leaving with Dimaggio. An Amber Alert was issued in the matter, but the two managed to drive more than 1,100 miles into central Idaho without being pulled over. Dimaggio bought supplies at a store including a tent and set up a site northeast of Cascade Lake.

At one point, some horseback riders living in the area crossed paths with the two and reported their unusual interaction to Idaho authorities. Hostage teams were called in from California, Utah, and Idaho to assist in the rescue.

The series FBI True is currently streaming the episode (#4) on the Paramount Plus network. The Kidnapping of Hannah Anderson is 24 minutes long and is told by agents that ultimately assisted in Anderson's rescue. Dimaggio was shot and killed by agents after shots were first fired by the kidnapper and murderer.

The Paramount Plus streaming platform is not included in all subscriptions. Some might have to pay to view the program.

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