When my wife and I discuss going out to dinner in the Magic Valley, we often have a tough time deciding between Chinese and Mexican food. Either way, you can't really lose, and what makes the decision even easier is when locals take to social media to rave about a certain restaurant.

I'm a creature of habit when it comes to most things, and this definitely includes the food I choose to eat. When I'm getting Chinese, it's the spicy Kung Pao Chicken I order. Chicken taco salads are a favorite of mine when heading out for Mexican food. As you can see, I'm an enormous fan of chicken.

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A Magic Valley social media comment chain recently caught my attention. One Door Dasher was praising a Washington Street restaurant's chicken taco salad recently, and of course, the food critic in me became very interested. Then I saw a picture of the tasty creation, and I now have plans on visiting the family-owned restaurant soon. Several other locals then joined the conversation in support of the restaurant.

I try to make these salads at home, but they never come out as good as the ones found throughout Twin Falls. If there's one thing the city does well, it's cranking out very good Mexican food. La Casita has been a longtime favorite of mine.

If there's one thing I can't stand about restaurants when it comes to chicken taco salads is subpar portions. I have to order two more baskets of chips just to walk out satisfied. I had to stop eating at one Magic Valley establishment because its chicken taco salads were WAY too small, and I was repeatedly left still hungry.

I'm very appreciative of the individual who shared her photo of Jarrito's chicken taco salad because it doesn't appear this one would leave anyone hungry.

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