Plastic water bottles can be extremely handy at sporting events, community events, office meetings, school events or any outdoor activity.

I do however think that there is a time and a place for plastic water bottles. American's are famous for being lazy, and using bottled water is a prime example of just how lazy we are.

If I come over to your house and you serve me bottled water I am totally judging you. I'm wondering if you even own glasses. I am also wondering if you are serving my bottled water because you don't want to wash a glass. Don't misunderstand me, I completely understand the convenience of having bottled water at your house. It's easy to serve and easy to grab as you leave the house. But, in my mind grabbing a glass or a re-fillable water bottle is just as easy if you aren't lazy and you have an extra 20 seconds.

Ketchum shares my frustration regarding plastic water bottles. According to KMVT, Ketchum's Mayor Nina Jonas just announced that Ketchum will be banning selling bottled water at city events. The ban has been put into place because the city wants to be seen as a city with a ecologically sensitive community.

You can bring your own plastic bottled water to events and Ketchum plans to purchase hydration stations. This will make it easier for people to fill their own water bottles at public events and meeting

The new rule could save you some money.

Ketchum says the price of bottled water is up to 10,000 times the cost of tap water. We need to put more thought into using plastic water bottles. It has a HUGE impact on our environment.

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