KETCHUM, Idaho (KLIX) – If you live in Ketchum expect to start seeing utility bills once a month instead of receiving them once every quarter.

The city of Ketchum is making changes to its billing process that aims to help customers keep better track of their water usage – especially during irrigation season – and pay their bills in a quick and easy method.

“With quarterly billing, water customers are too often surprised by water usage in the third quarter – June, July and August,” said Public Works Director Robyn Mattison. “With the change to monthly billing, water customers will be able to see how much water they are using earlier in the irrigation season and be able to make changes.”

Customers will receive a bill in October that will contain one month of flat rates and base charges, according to information from the city, and water usage charges from July, August and September. Starting in November, utility bills will contain charges for one month only.

Pekka Jaakkola/ThinkStock

The city also is making it easier for customers to pay their bills.

Customers may set up an auto payment account using credit or debit cards or electronic fund transfers by creating an account through Xpress Bill Pay. And through the city’s partnership with WaterSmart, customers will have access to a detailed list of their water usage as well as cost-saving recommendations.