Kohl's in Twin Falls has been in the works for some time now. Originally, the store was supposed to open for a soft opening this Saturday March 21st but that will be postponed.

According to Kohl's officials, instead of the soft opening of the store being March 21st and the Grand Opening on Saturday March 28th the Grand opening will be delayed. Unfortunately, the store has not released a new date or even a time frame as to when this may change.

Here is the official statement from Kohl's:

"As the situation around Coronavirus remains fluid, in order to continue to support our associates and our customers we have made the decision to postpone the opening of our new store in Twin Falls, ID. We look forward to sharing updates as available. We continue to serve all our customers through Kohls.com and will ship their desired items directly to their homes.
For more information on the measures Kohl's is taking in regard to COVID-19, please visit our corporate site."

Honestly, it is not that far fetched of an idea with more and more restaurants closing their dining services and going to car hop or delivery services. A mass event like this would have put hundreds of people in a confined space all at once. I can imagine it would be a bigger event that, I dare say, the St. Patrick's Day parade. But I guess we won't really know the answer.

The good news is that this does not mean that Kohl's isn't coming at all, the Grand Opening just isn't happening. You can still go check things out for yourself and find some pretty amazing find.

Again, we just need to be patient and we will keep our eyes out for any more information regarding IF the Grand opening will be rescheduled. In the mean time, relax and don't buy all the toilet paper.

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