SHOSHONE, Idaho (KLIX)-A southern Idaho sheriff says a recent scam targeted a mother who was told her daughter was being held captive and would need to send money to set her free or she would be killed.

According to Lincoln County Sheriff R. King in a statement Monday morning, his office was notified late last week of a possible kidnapping for ransom from a woman who said someone had claimed to have kidnapped her daughter. The woman had notified Idaho State Police she was on the phone with someone claiming to have kidnapped the daughter, who lives in Oregon.

The sheriff says the male on the phone demanded money and told the mother to go to a gas station and wire the money to Mexico City, which the woman did. The woman had not been able to get in touch with her daughter at the time. The man on the phone even threatened to kill the daughter if the mother did not meet their demands.

The Lincoln County Sheriff called Oregon law enforcement to check on the daughter who happened to be safe at work and couldn't answer her phone. The sheriff said the woman was also able to get her money back because there had been a glitch with sending the money at the gas station. Sheriff King said the Idaho State Police and Shoshone Police Department assisted with the investigation.

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