What would you do? What would you do if a mysterious car pulled up to your child, rolled down the window and an adult you don't know began talking to them? Would you be convicted of assault or murder? Would you follow them? Do you call the cops and let them handle it? Do you ignore it and hope it is a one-time thing? Do you pull your kid from school so they don't walk to school, or do you change how they get to school? This is a situation that was reported recently on a rants and raves page in the area, and any parent has to wonder what you would do if you found yourself in this situation, or heard about your child having this interaction.

Car Approaching Kids Walking Home From School

Credit: takenobu
Credit: takenobu

According to a post on a local rant a raves page recently, allegedly a car has been seen by multiple parents in the area approaching children as they walk home from school. It has been a woman driving that is asking the children questions, and this is alarming, to say the least. No adult should ever approach a child alone, or a group of children unless you know them. The only exception is if you are asking them if they have seen your child if you can't find yours, but there is no other reason for an adult to approach children they don't know. If you are a parent and see this happen though, how do you react? If you are parked down the street, or coming home and see your child talking to an adult in a car that you don't recognize, how do you handle it?

Parents Reacting to Adults Approaching Their Children

Credit: Comstock
Credit: Comstoc

If you see someone drive up to your children there are a few ways to react. As protective parents, instinct might be to start swinging or firing, but this is never the correct answer. Calling authorities is a good option, as you can get their license plate and report them. This can also help protect other children in the area. Making sure they see you and run towards your child is good, and also make sure to educate your kids on talking to strangers and people that approach them. The scary thing about this situation is the person in the car was allegedly a woman, which may make it seems safer for little girls. Taking pictures of the car and sharing them on social media, as one mom did is a great option as well, to help alert the community of what may or may not be going on.

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This scenario is one no parent ever hopes to be in, especially those that have little girls in today's sick society. If I were to ever find myself in this situation, I want to say I'd get video and picture evidence, post it online, and report it to the cops, but as a parent in the moment, it would take restraint to not approach the vehicle and curse them out while getting physical. If it is a woman driving I would not get physical, but my blood would be boiling. Make sure to educate your kids on how to handle a situation like this, and please make sure they are making it to and from school safely and uninterrupted. If you do find a car or adult approaching your child though and witness it or find out, what would you do? 

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