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I’m pining for spring.  Carrying a torch for sunny skies.  Looking to banish cabin fever.  This week I saw a story about January being the most depressing month.  It’s cold.  The days are short.  Millions are paying down Christmas debt.  Maybe the people in Hawaii feel better with sand and warmth but they may still be suffering a post-Christmas letdown.

Then I came across some pictures I took last spring.  A day trip to Camas Prairie Centennial Marsh Wildlife Management Area.

I drove down the almost empty roads of the marsh.  Empty but for the thousands of birds.

A friend at Idaho Fish and Game explained it was a must see experience.  After taking lunch at the Wrangler in Fairfield, I drove down the almost empty roads of the marsh.  Empty but for the thousands of birds.  Big birds, medium birds and small birds.  The sound of the calls amidst the rustling wind…

Well, hey.  I said I was suffering from cabin fever and I’m wondering.  What the marsh would look like at dawn or just before sunset on a day in the middle of May.

I keep a folding chair in the trunk of the car.  If I could watch the sunset and the birds in late flight I might get an image of what heaven looks like.  As we grow older we become much more cognizant of the things we’ve seen and those things we’ll never see.

The places I’ve been to I’m not sure I can always do justice in words and pictures.  Why is that?  I see it and snap a photograph.  Then when I get home and look through the album it’s more a shadow of the experience and pales with what I witnessed just hours before.   And I pray God grant me one more spring.

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