I remember when my daughter was a little girl, and a few weeks before Christmas she predicted some gifts.  “Grampa will give me another teddy bear,” she said as she folded her arms in frustration.  “He thinks I’m still a baby!”  Then she told me if she received clothes she would throw them away.  Christmas came and she liked some of her new clothes to the point that’s all she wanted to wear.

On New Year’s Day, I was out for a drive and spotted a teddy bear, face down in the street.  As if it was kicked to the curb.  It’s just fur, stitching, and stuffing, but it looked so alone.  Either it didn’t make it a week before being discarded, or some tyke got distracted and left it there before wandering off to a new adventure.

I’ve read that the first week after Christmas is almost as busy as the days before regarding shipping and people in stores.  Many are returning gifts that weren’t wanted.  I guess the teddy bear could be headed for the Island of Misfit Toys!

My brother and I were rough on toys.  We buried some in the backyard and driveway, then later couldn’t locate the burial spots.  I left a tricycle in the driveway and my dad ran over it.  I wasn’t allowed to have another bike for several years.

The thing is, I don’t ever recall having a teddy bear.  I’m not saying I didn’t, some memories just aren’t as strong as ever.  I hope the bear in the street was reunited with its owner.

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