We are starting to see an increase in people spending their free time in parking lots, sidewalks and street corners, holding signs with written messages of positivity and morality, encouraging us here in Twin Falls to not give in to despair.

I see it just about everyday driving to and from work. Young kids to senior citizens, standing in the heat of the day, waving poster boards conveying encouraging words.   Cars honk at those holding these signs as a way to let them know they are appreciated in this time where many are dispirited over concerns of joblessness, disease and uncertainty.

We have a presidential election coming in November, a trial in March involving four Minneapolis ex-policemen that could result in intensifying nationwide racial discord, and a constant reminder that the pandemic we are currently facing is being reported to be getting substantially worse, instead of showing sighs of subsiding. There are the mask wearers, and the non-mask wearers, which, in a way, reflects a sort of sense of disunity in itself.

The Coronavirus, protests stemming from the Black Lives Matter Movement, the upcoming presidential election and the fear of a second, worse wave of COVID-19 this winter, are all resulting in the daily war of opinions which will forever be branded into the virtual psyche of social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

All that said, we are still finding a way to function in a somewhat civilized manner. The majority of people I come into contact with on a daily basis are hopeful, are willing to help others, and aren't attacking one another over political views and beliefs over the severity of this pandemic.

The key for me has been getting outdoors in nature as often as I can, and not engaging in meaningless verbal conflict with people who judge others and find their conclusions on humanity's current welfare to be the end all-be all. I say just keep grinding, and keep the safety of your loved ones at the forefront of your consciousness, from the time you wake, to the time you sleep.

Are you feeling love, or hate, at this moment in time Twin Falls?

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