Put them in a ring in the prison yard.  The legislature has another week of activity.  Some ambitious members could draft a gladiator bill and we could provide snares and tridents.  I guess that would be like killing one bird with two stones!  The equipment would cost considerably less than the Launch Program.  We could also eliminate any future worries about lethal injection.

The other inmates would enjoy the spectacle.  Not many are considered pacifists and it would define the teaching of conflict resolution skills.  The liberals won’t defend Meade as a victim.  Because he belongs to a racist organization they don’t like.  If he was a member of Black Lives Matter, I suppose it would be a different matter.

Credit Boise Police.
Credit Boise Police.

Daybell is a manipulative, self-centered, and evil human being, whereas, Meade was probably just misled or joined his gang for self-protection.  Why?  Because he’s a little man quite literally.  Maybe he gets a longer snare to make the combat conform to equity and inclusion.

Of course, we could have them share a cell.  For all we know, Daybell is turned on by tattoos.

We need to clean up Idaho.  These people are rare, but they allow liberals in Boise news media and around the country to paint the state as being a bastion of criminal lunacy,  Yet, the same liberals will be the first to scream about cruelty if both these men end up with an appointment in the death house.

I agree it may not be the deterrence many people believe in, but that’s mainly a symptom of the long wait while we feed and clothe these pieces of flotsam at taxpayer expense.

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