A lifelong Idaho resident (originally from Gooding County) told me last week there’s simply no way Scott Bedke loses.  The Speaker of the Idaho House of Representatives is a Republican candidate for Lt. Governor.  One of three members of his party who’ve so far announced for the seat.  I didn’t get a chance to ask the Gooding native if she was endorsing the Speaker.  She’s not a fan of what you would call establishment Republicans.  She also references the “Old Boy’s Network”.  And also believes Bedke will steamroll competition.

I know this is often repeated, he may be Idaho’s foremost expert on water rights.

Call her a dispassionate observer.

Bedke’s opponents are so far State Representative Priscilla Giddings and former State Representative Luke Malek.  Both are from North Idaho.

Bedke’s strength remains his ties to the agricultural community.  He owns a ranch and, I know this is often repeated, he may be Idaho’s foremost expert on water rights.

The Speaker took an hour out of his business schedule and joined us on Magic Valley This Morning.  He outlined some of his goals during a conversation with Steve Millington and the regular host.  Steve is Chairman of the Twin Falls County Republican Party Committee.  He’s also the regular fill-in host on the show (which can also now be heard at 96.1 FM throughout much of the valley).

The Speaker detailed some thoughts on business and population growth, ensuring water access and how the growing urban areas can best work with rural Idaho.

You can hear the conversation by clicking on the YouTube video below.  It was an hour long discussion aside from news and commercial breaks.

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